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Bonding is a common cosmetic procedure due to its relatively low cost and ease of application. It is often used to reshape or change the color of a tooth and fill in slight spaces between teeth. The composite material used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match all surrounding teeth. And we are conveniently located near Lebanon and West Lebanon NH.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Streltsov offers a variety of cosmetic procedures to bring back your smile. Among these procedures tooth whitening is commonly asked for. Tooth whitening will help reduce stains and discolored teeth while lightening them. This will result in a brighter and whiter smile. Be aware that tooth whitening does not work on exposed tooth roots or some restoration dentistry such as bridges and crowns. In addition to this all cavities in the mouth must be taken care of before this procedure in order to prevent the whitening process reaching the inner tooth and causing tooth sensitivity.  And we are conveniently located near Lebanon and West Lebanon NH.

Home Whitening

Whitening your teeth at home often involves using a custom fitted mouth guard into which a whitening solution is placed. These custom fitted mouth guards will help protect your gums from irritation that occurs when using ill-fitted over-the-counter whitening mouth pieces. After the solution is placed in the mouth guard it is placed over the teeth and left on for an hour or two or overnight depending on the type of whitening solution. Ask our doctors, who are cosmetic dentists in Hanover, NH if home whitening is right for you.  And we are conveniently located near Lebanon and West Lebanon NH.

Tooth Colored Fillings

In order to make a filling appear almost invisible to the naked eye composite fillings are used as an alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings. These fillings are designed to match your natural tooth color and are bonded to your teeth, which makes them less likely to fall out. These fillings can be used to replace older fillings made of amalgam or gold.  And we are conveniently located near Lebanon and West Lebanon NH.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are used to enhance teeth that are misaligned, misshapen or discolored and can be used to repair gaps between teeth. These custom made porcelain “shells” are applied to teeth located in your “smile zone.” In order to apply a veneer to a tooth, the tooth must be cleaned and prepared for an impression to be taken. After this impression has been created, a veneer can then be made and bonded to the tooth or teeth in question. When the veneer is set, it is then shaped and polished to look like a natural tooth.  And we are conveniently located near Lebanon and West Lebanon NH.

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